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Detta är då min version av Hayley williams sminkning från Misery Buisness videon, Tyvärr så ville inte min kamera vara snäll mot mig med färgerna, Men vad förväntar man sig när klockan är mycket och ljuset på rummet inte ör som det skall vara?

This is my version of Hayley Williams from Misery Buisness makeup video, my camera didn 't want to be kind to me with the colors, but what do you expect when the clock is much and the light in the room and not o as it should be

Here is what I used:


Random cheap concealer
L'oreal true mach liquid foundation (Vanilla ivory)
Stargazer presssed power (white)

random cheap concealer as a base
# 92 From Leishi
#89 from leishi
#38 from leishi
Isadora glossy eyeliner #40 chrome black
maybelline lash expansion

and some black/grey eyeshadow for my eyebrows

How I did it? Look here:


Min profilbild


Makeup enthusiast, Love playing with it, Love buying it and I love to create characters with it. do you have questions or just wants to talk to me in general, please contact me here:

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