Water Nymph (?)

Soo, I got to do this pretty ladys makeup a while ago. She was supposed to be some kind of water creature, so I went from that, Got alot of help from the photographer and the model for the makeup. Because when I googled for inspiration I just found Nymphs that were naked and had no makeup. So I had no idea what to do exactly. but I think it turned out great!
and because I know some of you wants to know what I've used here's the list:
Maybelline FITme! Foundation #110
Sugarpill eyeshadow Mochi
Shengjim 2 in1 pencil
Sleek BAD GIRL Palette ( Obnoxious, abyss, intoxicated, noir)
sugarpill eyeshadow Midori
Sugarpill eyeshadow Afterparty
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Velocity
Sugarpill eyeshadow Acidberry
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tipsy
Sugarpill eyeshadow absinthe
Sugarpill eyeshadow Mochi
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
SLEEK bad girl palette Abyss + lipgloss
MODEL: Elin Zackrisson
Photographer: En bra Bild
The model sowed the dress herself. I figured soem people will ask for is so :)
#1 - - Felicia:

Helt otroligt vackra bilder och sminket!!! Var det inte sjukt svårt?

Svar: tack! lite faktiskt!