Throwback thursday 2007

So I thought I'd bring back som oldies but goodies on this blog! Just to fill it out a bit more when I'm lazy on posting pictures, or in this case; Editing them..
Anyway! here is a picure of me from 2007, I was in my second year of High School and I had magenta and black hair. Just because kaoru from Dir en grey had the same (i was and still am obsessed with that band..) And my makeup was horrible. Well. it was better that some of the "emokids" I've met nowdays, but still.. I only had One piercing (untill later tha sam day the first picture was tajen, because then I did my second one.) and the funny part is; I NEVER core foundation, powder or concealer back then. My skin just looked that good for some strange reason. and I did not know what a primer was, or that you could use more that 1 brush when applying makeup. And i even had that bad habit where I slept with the makeup on just to get more time to fix my haor every morning.. I jus threw on where it was missing stuff.
Maybe I should mention I was 17 back then too. (I'm going to be 23 this year... I think.. ) and I was so deeply into Jrock/ jpop and Emilie Autumn. And I'd never though that I'd be spending most of my days dreaming to be a makeupartist, I wanted to be a singer back then! The only reason I went to LBS in varberg with music production as focus. well. I wanted to be a photographer somewhere too. ANYWAY!
mmm posing on the toilet. Really classy.
Ah well! i hope you liked it. And tell me if I should keep doing this, or if I just should skip it :)