"pinup" hair

I've been walking around all day yesterday, and today with this hair style. Mostly because I tried out T-shirt curls and they didn't do as I wanted to, mostly because I'm so impatiend and didn't to it propely. Then I found The Cherry Dollface on youtube. And if you haven't checked her out yet YOU SHOULD! She does all the classical vintage hairstyles that you can see on almost every pinup picture from the 40-50's So I tried out her "Rosie the Riverter" tutorial. And I just fell in love with it. So I thought I'll show you the videos I've followed! OH! and the scarf I have on is an old ugly dress that I cut into pieces so it would fit! and I didn't to the curling that Cherry does in her video because I already had my Mad hatter hairstyle after doing the tshirt curls.
I hope you will enjoy this!
I started of with this from Andreaschoise:
And then I did this;.