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My progress with makeup! (a little walk down memory lane)

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If you follow me on instagram, knows that I did put up some really old makeups I did when I was a newbie. And I thought, Why not share them here with you guys also?!
I was laughing my ass off when I saw some of the makeups I've done. they're so terrible and uneven.  But the blending into the colors are good. I just forgot to blend out the edges. And the editing! OHMY! I wanted all the focus to be on the eyes and not my skin around it, So I blurred the hell out of it. And because I didn't have a huge ass camera (well mine was broken) I used my small camera, and that one have a tendensy to pick up my eyes a bit wierd. and with my SUPER editing skills (HAH!) it made my eyes look weirder.
But Why do I want to share how I did my makeup 5-6 years ago?
Because I want to show everyone that you're not born with that talent. And that if you practice really hard and keep on going with it, it will pay off sooner or later, and that everyone starts somewhere. I haven't always been good with makeup. Heck. from the age of 12-14 I only wore mascara and some pencil eyeliner on my waterline from 14-16 I only wore eyeliner and Maybe some black eyeshadow without any primer because I had no idea what that was back then.
With a little practise I promise you guys that you will come a long way! look at me! I SUCKED before and now I think that I'm pretty decent at makeup. Thanks to all the tutorials and blogs I've read :)

but let's look at the pictures and embarras me shall we?
This is one of the oldest pictures I have on my computer where you can see my makeup pretty decently. It's from 2007 and I was 17 (turned 18 in december) I had pink hair and thougt I was super cool and goth and whatever. I had a longer version of the emo haircut (ah who Am I kidding. I still have the same haircut, I just don't style it like that anymore) and I LOOOVED me some eyeliner As you might see, I was superbad at taking the makeup off back then also. I slept with it and just filled in where I needed to. (I wonder HOW I could have such good skin back then) I never wore foundation, and I had no idea how do fix my eyebrows.
Just LOOK at those mascara smudges under my eyes! UGH! and those spider lashes!
Beginning of 2008. I changed the pink to red and didn't do as crazy eyeliner as before.. Look at that black eyeshadow! It's been wearing off like crazy!
 Later on in 2008. I started to do my makeup kind of like my boyfriend at the time did, (i'm sure I could share a picture of him with it on, But I'm not sure if he would approve it or not.) with black winged eyeshadow and white eyeliner in the inner corner. Like every other wapanese does it. and still. My eyebrows looks like crap.. And I did have a thing for black contact lenses!
One of the fist times EVER I tried something else with my makeup. I got inspired by Gunvor at the time, and hey, This is not bad for being the first time I've tried.  but I did not know what "blending out the edges" was..
second time. but with only blue hah!  funny part about this makeup is that I really thought I was a pro back then, And the really sad part is, that more than 50% of the people who takes those rediculous courses in makeup we have here in sweden comes out and don't do better makeup than this..
2009, And I didn't give fuck about how I looked. Even though all of my makeup was smudged and spider lashes from hell.. I pretty much just did the same makeup through out all of 2009 because I just didn't give a fuck, And I had people told me to dream about something "real" instead of being a makeupartist.
2010 came and I started to play around with makeup again! mostly because I didn't have that ball and chain of idiots that just dragged me down. and later the same year I stared this blog, and I aslo started to make some videos.
I also started to learn how to blend out the edges! WOHO! haha! I experimented with colours more!
I started to go out from my comfort zone and a lot more in 2011 I also started to get more serious with this blog and tried to post on it as much as possible!
I got my first Sugarpill products that I've been wanting since I first saw it in one of Petriludes videos back in the days. So I played even more with colours that I thought never would fit together
And in 2012 i found my call, I absolutely LOVE rediculously bright colors that slaps everyone in the face with the amazingness they bring! kind of.. Later that year I was found by some lovely girls who liked my makeup and asked me if I wanted to join them in some photoshoots and do their makeup. Which got me a step closer to my dream of being a real makeupartist.
later on in 2012, I have a decent set of eyebrows, my blending skills are awesome compared to how they were. I know how to do a full face with contouring and highligting. And I know how to stick on a pair of lashes without poking my eyes out,..
And here I am in 2013, (I was now this was maybe not the best since my eyeliner got smudged because my eyes were running) And I would like to say it's been a hell of a process. I would never have thought that I'd get sponsored by Marlena (makeupgeek) 3 (!!) times already, and have some companies write to me because they want to send me stuff, and I'd never though that I would have such lovely followers that I have. It's mostly because of you guys, And a really good set of friends that keeps on pushing me to my main goal; That I one day will work as a real makeupartist and earn money on my work.
Thank you guys!<3
I hope you enjoyed this little ride down memory lane with my makeup and such, And I could do a more "in depth" with just pictures where you can see all the old makeups (there are some on this blog actually) And I will also do some remakes and make tutorials of it also :)


Postat av: Kristin

Publicerad 2013-05-27 17:33:33

Du har verkligen utvecklats galet mycket! Jag får nog ta och kika in mina gamla bilder för att se hur jag själv utvecklats :) Kan ju säga att jag är mer än lite avis på dig som blivit sponsrad av Marlena ;) Du kommer absolut komma långt! Visa vad du kan, som du gör nu så blir det toppen :D

Svar: haha! ja elelr hur? satt häromdagen och kollade igenom lite bilder som jag inte gjort innan, Så såg jag dom gamla sminkningarna och blev helt till mig av skratt! För jag har inte tänkt på att jag blivit bättre sen jag gjorde dom, Det är alltid kul och se hur man förändrats ändå :)

Postat av: E

Publicerad 2013-05-27 18:34:24

Cool :) Nice to see your progress! Keep up the good work

Svar: thank you :D

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