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Wants - Butter London

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1. Big Smoke
London's finest. This mildly metallic navy blue nail lacquer is as naughty as a night in a smoky pub.
2. Blowing Raspberries
A rich, delicious berry nail lacquer. Perfect for in-between days when red is too much and pink is too little.
3. British Racing Green
A dark, hunter green nail lacquer that has been the backstage darling of many fashion shows.
4. Chancer
Wear this deep, "crushed glitter" red nail lacquer when you are feeling particularly out of his league. He doesn’t deserve you anyway.
5. Chuffed
Full coverage, bright orange flaring shimmers in gel-like base.
Brit slang for delighted or quite pleased.
6. Disco Biscuit
A tropical hot-pink jelly with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles
7. HRH
A proper royal-purple nail lacquer. Even the Queen would agree, and she never agrees with us.
8. Jaded Jack
Opaque, lime green crème. Unsung British rock hero.
9. Knees Up
A smashing metallic-red nail lacquer perfect for getting smashed in.
10. Silly Billy
Opaque, fire orange crème.
A clown popular at fairs in Britain, and a fab nickname for anyone named William.
11. Sozzled
Opaque, kelly green crème
Brit slang for heavily intoxicated after a late night pub crawl.
12. Swinger
A vibrant, grass green glitter nail lacquer.
A person who is intimate with two or more people simultaneously, hence the term “the swinging 60’s”.


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