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DMC Day 06 - Favorite Foundation

Publicerad 2014-12-06 17:53:00 i 30 day challenge, My Collection,

My favorite foundation?
Well it's this one. or rather, It's between this and Maybellines Fit Me foundation.
The reason to why I'm only showing this is because I only have this one of the two at the moment.
What can I say about it?
I'ts smooth, goes on like a dream (for me atleast) covers up most of the things that needs covering. And it makes my sking feel great! I recently switched from the Peach one to this, and even if I love the Peach one, I think I love this one more at the moment.
The peach one is a mattifying one, whereas this one is supposed to be moisturizing. So now during wintertime, this one will be better for my skin.
It has a subtle smell of honey, nothing too strong though. and it's cheap! $7.54 (ca 55 kr) on Ebay! Whereas I have to pay 120 kr (aprox $15) for the maybelline one.
Well. if you like bb creams that have a great coverage, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and makes it look good (you'll see in future looks) I recomend this one from Skinfood :)


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