DMC Day 06 - Favorite Foundation

My favorite foundation?
Well it's this one. or rather, It's between this and Maybellines Fit Me foundation.
The reason to why I'm only showing this is because I only have this one of the two at the moment.
What can I say about it?
I'ts smooth, goes on like a dream (for me atleast) covers up most of the things that needs covering. And it makes my sking feel great! I recently switched from the Peach one to this, and even if I love the Peach one, I think I love this one more at the moment.
The peach one is a mattifying one, whereas this one is supposed to be moisturizing. So now during wintertime, this one will be better for my skin.
It has a subtle smell of honey, nothing too strong though. and it's cheap! $7.54 (ca 55 kr) on Ebay! Whereas I have to pay 120 kr (aprox $15) for the maybelline one.
Well. if you like bb creams that have a great coverage, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and makes it look good (you'll see in future looks) I recomend this one from Skinfood :)