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DMC Day 07 - Dark Lips

Publicerad 2014-12-07 13:23:13 i 30 day challenge, My Collection,

So, Dark lips huh?
Well I don't really have many, But I thought I'd share the ones I have :)
(just a little disclaimer; So, I knwo that I've shown you lipsticks that are really old, I Just want you to know that I do not use these on clients when I do someones makeup. I only use them on myself. I'm looking for similar colors so I can replace the old ones, If you know a dupe, please tell me)

Max Factor 858 Base Blue
A greyish blue lipstick. I have no idea where this came from, or if you still can get it, since I got it from my sister a while ago. And I think this one is pretty old. Goes on a bit blotchy so you realyl have to take yor time with getting it on
MakeupGeek Lipstick Famous
A dark purple, not as dark as like Poisonberry by LC, But still pretty dark. goes on wonderfully, Although you do have to tinker around to get the color even a bit.
Lime Crime Lipstick Poisonberry
A dark purple, with more of a red/pink kind of undercolor, And with a blue sheen to it? Or maybe it's just the light reflecting. Love this color, it's gorgeous. Although this is a bit on the dryer side, Not too much so it really drags on to the skin, but you can feel it's a bit dryer.
Lime Crime Lipstick Serpentina
This is a dark green colour, and it's not as dry as Poisonberry. this is rather too buttery so it slips around and is pretty hard to get even. I think it would work if vyou used a green pencil underneath or so. But yeah. Gorgeous color really.
Isadora Lipstick Midnight Red
One of my favorite dark lipsticks. it's that perfect "vampire" red (yeah I forgot to put this in the Red Lips post) It's creamy, you have to work a bit with it though. and this is an old shade, and I don't think Isadora carries this anymore, whick makes me sad, So I'm on the hunt for a similar color actually.
Loreal Sublime Lipstick 287
This is also an old color, and I know that loreal doesn't carry this anymore, which sucks because to me, this is THE most perfect dark purple color, and PLEASE if you know a dupe for this BRING IT <3
creamy lipstick, pigmented, actually goes on lie a dream, Wouldn't hurt to use a lipliner underneath just to make it stay put. Gah I love it <3
Viva la Diva lipstick Goth
A black lipstick. it's creamy and pigmented, Although because it is so creamy it slips arounda bit (you can see in the swatch) and doesn't really cover even. Although that will be fixed easily as long as you have a balck eyeliner underneath.


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