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I got sent some products from Makeupgeek some time ago, and although most of the colors I wanted was out of stock I'm still pretty happy with the products. I still have yet to use some of the eyeshadows, So so far I've only swatched most of them.
Tell me which of them is your favorite :)

Brushes (right to left):  Eye blender brush ($7.99), Outer V Brush ($7.99), Pointed Crease Brush ($6.99), Rounded Blush Brush ($8.99) & Angled stippling brush ($15.99)
All brushes are synthetic and therefore cruelty free

Pigments; Nightlife, Bewitched, New years Eve, Birthday Wish & Kryptonite ($6.99 Each)
Pigments are 1.4 g70,05 oz and are talc and cruelty free
Nighlife is a light shimmery rose brown taupe, It's very "meh" looking I know,  but it is a pretty brown color, and I think it will look good those days where you just want one color on the lid.
Bewitched is a light Amethyst with a slight shimmer. This color is also pretty "meh" But Enchanted that I wanted was out of stock so I took the next thing.  Still a pretty color, not over the top and has a bretty blueish sheen over that amethyst color when swatched.
New Year's Eve is a light gold with reflective glitter. Thisone is a glitterbomb! I got quite surprised when I opened the jar up because I thought it would be like a white gold shimmer. and then it have all of these chunks of glitter. LOVE! although the glitter tend to fall of if you don't use a sticky base, and all you're left with is like a sheer peach color.
Birthday Wish is a Shimmery light golden peach with some glitter in. I think this is my favourite of the bunch! Originally I wanted Blitz, but that one was also out of stock, so I chose this one just beceause, On the webiste it looks boring. But this really is a color that you must see in real life to understand how pretty it actallu is! it looks really orange, but when you actually start using it it turns into this darker pink/orange color and have a really pretty shimmer to it, the glitter falls off thoug, but I don't mind since it's still pretty without it.
Kryptonite is a metallic moss green. This one I chose "just because" I thought it looked really boring on the website, it looks really boring in swatches. It kinda looks like any other olive green in my opinion when I've seen swatches of it. It's the definition of "meh".
Or so I thought. This is the color that's taking me by surprise big time! the other day I was going to put makeup on because I I was going on a meeting. so I just grabbed this because I didn't want to think you know? Put it on my eyes and started gasping! It's a shimmer bomb with loads of tiny rainbow glitter particles in it! and it goes on first as this olive green, But after a while and especially when youre blending out the edges it darkens! unfortunately it's really hard to get the awesomeness on a photo, so I might have to do this in a video or something
Nightlife, Bewitched, New year's eve, Birthday wish, Kryptonite.

Eyeshadows: Barcelona Beach, Beaches and Cream, Sharkbait, Rockstar, Latte.
Unexpected, Twilight, Goddess, Peacock, Bleached Blonde.
Eyeshadows are1,8g/ 0,064 oz,  are cruelty free and Talc and paraben free, They all cost $5.99
Barcelona Beach is a medium sand shade with matte finish.
Beaches and Cream is a matte natual beige with a hint of peach.
Shark bait is a blue based green with a matte finish.
RockStar is a pale silver with a purple shimmer to it (unfortunately whe camera doesn't pick it up).
Latte is a Matt medium brown.
Unexpected is a matte pale pink brown.
Twilight is a pale shimmery muted purple.
Goddess is a metallic pale copper.
Peacock is a matte depp teal blue.
Bleached blonde is a shimmery pale gold.
Everything I've shown you is available in Makeupgeeks Webshop


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