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Kics Nailpolish Swiss Winter

Publicerad 2015-06-08 06:27:38 i Nails,

Swiss Winter is a "off white" nailpolish ait ha slight shimmer/glitter to it. And by "off white" I mean it's more of a greyish white, it's not thw usual WHITE white, this goes more off to the grey side of white? Does it make any sesne at all?
Anyeay, this have a semi matt finish, and in certain light you'll see small glitterflecks and some shimmer, It's not much, but it does something with the polish!
It dries really fast, but goes on a bit streaky so you have to paint thin coats so you get an even result. you don't need much tho, It's only two coats on the pictures.
I bought this some years ago in hope for a good white nailpolish that I could use as a base for some colors, and to use when I do try on nailart. It's not the white I was after but I'm kinda glad I found it.
Sadly I think Kicks has discontinued it, because I bought this on a sale for 20 sek (aprox $2/$3) some time ago, and I haven't seen it since.


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