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The Body Shop All in one InstaBlur

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Okay so. I got this interesting little thing in th Body Shop Calendar last year ( I know, I sucked at uppdating it, but life happened)
And I got quite surpriced, since I've heard alot of thing about this, that it's supposed to be really good and really keeps what it promises, and makeup goes on soooo much easier with this than with any other primer. And I've even seen people comparing this to Benefits Porefessional primer and saying that Instablur beats porefessional (!!!)
So of course I jumped a bit with joy when I saw that I got this.
But it is worth the hype? is it really better than Porefessional that is my go to primer?
well. I honestly haven't used it that much yet. But I can give you some of my impressions.
Let's look at the texture first shall we. it's grainy. Or well. not grainy like coarse and such. But it looks grainy compared to other primers I've used that's smooth. And  it is a bit on the dry side aswell, again compared to other primers I've used.
But it have that same silicone feel to it like the primers I've tried before, and this click I've got here is more than enough to the whole face, so a little goes along way, which can be good when it comes to such and expensive product.
And The Body Shop promises that this will moisurize you face aswell as minimize fine lines and get rid of extra shine. And since I am 25 and have been smoking half of my life I do have some fine lines here and there, as most people in my age do. So if it could really minimize that would be awesome, right?!
well. I did do a before and after picture of it the other day when I was applying my makeup, and as you can see it is actually doing it's job!
But how does it feel ones you actually put the foundation and such on top of it?
Well. I feel like it glides on, and slips of quite easily compared to Benefits Porefessional. I might actually do a real comparison between those two where I do half and half to see it side by side.
but clearly it is doing something! My pores aren't as petruding, and my nosewrinkles I get from squinting my eyes all day is barely noticible.
So it is worth the price?
Honestly? I can't answer that. I might buy this again, I might not. I fell in love with The Porefessional as soon as I put that thing on my face, so changing it up is not for me right now. (to quote Stewie Griffin; I don't like change D:)
But I'm definetly going to try this out more now that I actually do have it!


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