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Todays Look + Tutorial - Halo

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 It's Friday!
So, what are you going ot do this weekend? I'm probalby just chill back with my man and maybe even clean our apartment. Not sure yet though!
So, since it is friday I thought I'd share this look with ya'll and maybe that will be some kind of inspiration for you if you're going out or something.
Oh and before I forget; I know I don't have any lip product on the actual pictures of this look, but that is because I simply took it off before I remembered that I was supposed to take pictures aswell >.<
Have a great weekend!
H&M BB Cream Vanilla
Skinfood Darkcircle Salmon concealer
H&M Powder
Mother Home Contouring Palette
Pink blush
NYX Jumbopencil Milk
Viva la Diva Nudie Palette ("bootie call", "tease", "darkhorse", "blackout")
Yanqina 36H Waterproof eyelinerpen
Viva la Diva Rich Black Mascara
MUG Eyeshadow Latte
Lush Lip creme Perspektiv


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