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Makeup of the week

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I mentioned in my earlier post that I've started a thing where I try to use some of my neglected makeup instead of my usual.
And here's the thing.
I've been watching Decluttering videos on Youtube like a madman! and I don't mean the regular Hoarder decluttering, But more like some of the makeup vloggers does. Where they clean out their makeup drawers and donate the makeup to a friend/family or a womens shelter. And while I was looking through a lot of them I came up with this idea.
That every week I put up a new palette or eyeshadows that I've been neglecting since I got so comfortable with my naked palettes and my z paletted filled with Makeupgeek eyeshadows, so I never reach for my Sleek palettes or Sugarpill ones, which is sad, because I really, really like them.
And then I kept on elaborating it, that instead of only a palette I put up some makeup that I'm only allowed to use that week.
And this week it's these products:
So the rule is that these are the things I'm allowed to use. BUT however, I can put in more eyeshadows and pigments if I want to, aslong as I use something from the palette. that's the main point. And as you can see, I chose the Sleek Bad Girl palette. which is pretty dark, so I might need to put in some lighter colors sometimes, and that's ok, Aslong as I use more than 1 eyeshadow from the palette.
Let's go into depth what products it is this week.
First of all we have the Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, Which is there mostly because I Kind of only have one powder heh..
Next is Viva la Diva Silky finish foundation Which is not relly my favorite, but I can make it work, and it's not that bad, except for it being a tad to dark and orange for my skin, but I can fix that with powders and such.
Then we have ELF something stick in Spotlight, I bought it some years ago, and used it some, then forgot about it sooo I need to use it!
The Balm Time balm primer, yeah, as you can se I've cut into it because I'm almost out, so I need to mostly just use the last of it.
Skinfood Salmon Darkcirle Concealer Cream, I love this, but I reack more for my viva la diva concealer wheel for some reason!
ELF blush & contouring palette. This is the original one they had back in the days, And well The bronzer is almost out, but it's mostly the blush I need to use!
Motherhome Contouring palette, although It's only the yellowish one here, I depotted one of them that I have and this was the one left in it and I HAVE to use it up!
Lush Cream Eyeshadow Sophisticated, I like these from Lush, I just thend to forget that I have them!
Sigma Eyebrow powder Scarlett, Got this when I ordered my Sigma brushes years ago, it's a perfect match, but I tend to forget about it.
Modelco lip duo Dusk/striptease, I don't reach as much for this as I should maybe.
Claudia eyebrow pencil Blond. I got this when I had my orange hair, since it doesn't have much color it was perfecft for my orange brows. So I haven't used it since then..
Viva la Diva lipstick Madonna, heavily used, but forgotten since a while back, Bringing it back!
Sleek Bad Girl Palette. I liked it when I got it, and then I forgot about it. really pretty palette. And you might think; "But Emily, It's almost spring, why such dark colours?" Well. I'm not over the smokey eyes yet, I'll never be, But with this I can make loads of them with this in different colours. Sooo, yeah. Mostly that's why haha!
So this is my project for this week, And hopefully this will also fill me with inspiration somehow.
I'll see you next week with another one of these posts :)


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