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Todays Look - Lines

Publicerad 2015-03-19 15:06:47 i FOTD - Black, FOTD - Blue, Makeup,

I have no idea what happened here.
I dreamt that I did the lines on my face, and I had to do it. Although I had originally planned on having white lashes, but the white Mascara didn't want to work with me today, so I made them turqoise, it still gave them that dramatic effect that I was out for.
So why the lines?
Well, I don't know, I simply just felt like it to be honest. It's a bit dramatic, yes. But you can always take the eyes and just put on black mascara and you'll have a blue smokey eye.
And why the black eyebrows instead of brown or red?
well, I knew I wanted to put a line from my eyebrow up over my forehead, so I thought it would look best if I did them black. I was about tot do one black and one brown, but I decided against that.
I somehow wanted the lines to symbolise where you contour, but then I wanted to outline my lip aswell, to make it look more "sinister", like I have a smile on always kind of thing. Either way, I liked the outcome of it, it didn't look promising untill I added the finishing details actually. Before the lashes and eyeliner it lookes like shit hah!
This does however look kind of cool in black and white! :)
I hope you enjoyed it either way!
Skinfood Salmon Darkcirkle Concealer Cream
Viva la Diva Silk Finish Foundation 1 Pale
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
MotherHome Contouring Palette
ELF Creamstick Spotlight
Lush Eyeshadow Cream Sophisticated
Sleek Bad Girl palette; Obnoxious. abyss, innocence
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Mochi
Sugarpill Eyeshadow tako
Be a Bombshell eyeliner Onyx
MeNow Perfect Eyeliner/lipliner pencin # 005 (dark blue)
TGR Mascara Turqoise
Sleek Badgirl Palette Noir
ModelCo Lipenchancer
ModelCo Lipgloss Striptease


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