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Born Pretty Store Haul

Publicerad 2015-09-02 13:43:22 i Hauls,

I got this package a while back from Born Pretty Store, and I haven't gotten around of posting it until now.
I know I've been bad.
I had festival in mind when I chose these things, unlucky for me I got it right fter I got home from Emmabodafestivalen, but there's always next year right?
Nail Stickers $5.97.
Now, These were hard to take a photo of, since they're in Neon, and the sheet is huge! or well. it's like a regular A4 paper, I just expected small sheets haha! I still have to use these though.
A sheet with 6 cute cts on. nothing to really explain here, since I think almost everyone knows what these are and how to use them :)
Now this I've used, and I like it! it doesn't dry out fast when you apply it, menaing that I don't have to shake it about when I draw lines nd such. It's not waterproof though like it says, but it has good staying power.It's jet black and you can do detiled work with it. so this one is a win for me :)
They're not lying about the mini part. it's small, relly small! I don't know what I expected when I got this. But I like it a lot. it really gets in under the eyes and other small places where you might not have acess with a normal beautyblender, or a brush. I definetly recommend this one.


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