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I'm so bad with this!
I got this package a while ago from Bornprettystore, And I've just not felt like putting it up. Mostly because it's such a small window with good light during the days now.
And thatis the reason to it only having 4 pairs of lashes in the box, and why the sponge looks a bit dirty..
What can I say? A girl can never have enough lashes, and these looked dramatic, yet natural enough to wear.
I wanted a smaller one for those hard to reach corners on false lashes, and my own. and this one was small enough.
My old beauty blender was starting to give up on me, so I wanted a new one, and decided to try this shape out.
So far so good!
And now for the star of the show, the contactlenses.
I was so curious about these, because I did't know if they'd make my eyes look larger or not.
and they do! I've been wearing these alot since I got them, and been playing arounf with eyeshapes and such too see what kind of effect they can give.
really comfortable to wear!
Here's some pictures of me wearing them, and you'll definetly see more on the blog.
granted it's instagram filters over most pictures, but you can still see the effect they give.
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