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Bad Habits

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Ok. Let's talk a bit shall we?
We all have some kind of bad habits. Some more than others. And I DEFINETLY have some bad habits that I really shouldn't be doing since I'm so into makeup. and it will probably bite me in my ass one day. So here are my bad habits;
I smoke. I know I shouldn't be doing that, But it's something I've been doing since I was 13. And this year I'm actually thinking about quitting. Because I want to be healtier and just to get rid of that habit.

I don't always wash of my makeup before I go to sleep. And I sometimes have it on for several days before I wash it off.

I'm really bad at skincare. I rarely use what I'm supposed to use on my face, If i am really dry I will put on a body butter if I have it close to me.

I'm really bad a washing my brushes. I know I should do it stleast every other day. but i do it when I can' use them anymore without them blending in other colors in the mix.. It's mostly because I only use them on myself and I rarely do someones wlses makeup.

I use my mascara untill it tries out . I don't throw it away after 3-6 months like every beautyblogger sugests. but then again, I don't have the money to go and buy a new mascara every 3 months. And i don't get a shitton sent to me either..
I'm really bad at taking care of my hair. I colored it so hard during my teens that it's kind of permanently damaged. although, nowdays I'm trying not to color it too often, and I'm always looking for hair product that will do good for my hair.
I pull my eyelids when I put on eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara, I KNOW I'm not supposed to because it will get me fine lines before it's supposed to. but I just can't get my eyeliner precise if I don't
So yeah.  That is all i could think of right now.
Do you have any bad habits that you know is bad for you, but you still keep on doing it?


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