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Nails Inc - Brook St

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Brook st from Nails inc is a soft pink coral shade that is perfect for the summer!
although, my seems really bright compared to all the other swatches that comes up when you google the shade. No idea why or anything. It's more of a almost neon pink coral, not soft at all! or maybe it is just for me.
I like this color. but the brush is weirdly cut on mine. but it could just be the sample that I've got.
I think I've shown you this when I got it in a glossybox almost a year ago now.
I've got 3 layers on since the brush is smaller than the regular sized one and therefore makes an uneven apllication.
But I think that it would go on smoothly with a different brush.
And I'm well aware of that I can't paint my nails properly, when I try to do it "the real way" it gets messier than usual, So I paint them like I do, which means there's alot of polish where it's not supposed to be, okay?
I don't really know where you can get a hold of this polish, or what it costs since I actually got it in a Glossybox. But I think I saw the brand atleast on sephora, And I think that if you can find the brand in a store you will probably find the color.


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