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Born Pretty Store Haul

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I recieved a couple of things from Born Pretty Store, and today I'll do a tiny overview for you.
I will feature these items in up and coming makeups so if you want to see them in action just wait :)
(Bornpretty store is kind enough to give me this code for a 10% of their purchase if you find anything interesting. Just enter MUUG10 in the checkout. And they also tell me that if there's 5 persons ordering with this code they will host a giveaway for me, so you can be able to win things aswell)
I got got these Beautiful lashes in #1. I haven't tried them yet, but from just poking them they feel really soft, and I'm sure that they will be comfortable to wear. I love lashes, And I always find it convenient to buy these 10 packs, because usually they're pretty cheap ($3.99 for these) and they're not that bad to be honest.
Yeah, me too, I don't know if it could be that Mácely and Skinfood is the same company so therefore they use the same packaging, or, Mácey could just be a more "budget" kinda brand that does something similar to Skinfood? you know like, Urban Decay originally did the naked palettes and now almost every company has atleast one Naked palette dupe. Anyway.
This BB cream has a thick consitency similar to the Skinfood ones, and if this one is as great as those, I'll easily just go with this, as it is cheaper ($2.61 originally $5.21) Than the ones from Skinfood ( ~$7 >) I have #2 whick is the Berry Berry one that is supposed to help sith wrinkles?(?)
Okay, This Foundation got me a bit baffled when I opened the packaging up. Because as you can see, it is not a hand and foot lotion! And the reason to why I was so surpriced is because it's even marketed on the website as a foundation! haha! I don't know what went wrong there, but if we set that aside, this feel like one of those noce foundations keep in myin I've only tried it on my hands so far) it's runny, but not too runny, you catch my drift? You get ALOT of product for the price as well! (42.5 g for $6.29 usual foundations has 30 g)
And no, it diesnät smell like sugar cookies as the packaging says as well! haha
Lastly I got this pretty lipstick in #1. altought I was hoping it would be more Peacy than pink, but sometimes it's hard to see on pictures how the colours actually are! And I'm not bummed out at all with this color.
Fun story; I was completely newly awake when my boyfriend came it with the package, so when I opened this up I got frustrated because I couldn't find where to get the cap off, untill I realised that youre supposed to pull the knob and the lipstick comes out haha! They do have some fun colors so I actually think I'm going to order some more. I just have to actually try this on my lips first. Like I said above, I've only handswatched them so far.


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