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Let's just put it this way; I SUCK. I've been SO bad at posting my makeup here, this one for examle is from the 10th of January. Need I really say more? and I know I have more on my camera that I haven't posted yet. I guess it's all because I can't wait to go and get my new camera that I've been wanting for a while. Because the one I have is a real pain in the ass to work with. It have problems with focusing on the things I want to take pictures of, and sometimes even if everything is in focus IT WON'T TAKE THE DAMN PICTURE! so I stand there like a fool and stare into the camera. I'm so tired of it. And no matter how much I fix with the settings it never get's the way I want to. I know what to do with a camera, I've been a camera freak since way back. I'm not one of those who get an expensive camera and just goes for the Auto function, I hate people like that. I even have my tiny camera on maunell settings. So it always ends up with me sitting in photoshop to get the pictures as I want them to be. And if the camera just would do as I tell it to, then I wouldn't have to sit for hours in that stupid program.
Anyway, let's go back to the makeup shall we?
I wanted to use as many of the Makeupgeek shadows as possbile in this one. Whitch is kind of hard, since I've got 26 of them ( I will do a review soon on them I promise). so yeah. Here's the look! I hope you enjoy, and I will get my thumb out of my ass and start to edit some of the other looks as well AND the video that I recorded the other day!
Skin 79 bb cream
Maybelline FITme! Concealer #15
Maybelline FITme! powder #150
Motherhome contouring palette
Glossybox blush Rosewood
Nyx Jumbopencil Milk
MUG Eyeshadow Poolside
MUG eyeshadow Neptune
MUG eyeshadow Wisteria
MUG eyeshadow Razzleberry
MUG eyeshadow Shimma shimma
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Sugarpill eyeshadow Buttercupcake
Sugarpill eyeshadow Lumi
Maybelline gel liner Black
Eyelashes from ebay
Yves Rocher lash Plumping mascara
MUG Bitten


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