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Todays Look - Dark Soul

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I got my whiteout/white mesh, or whatever you want to call them, in the mail, and finally I could play around with makeup ideas for my costume.
This look however is not the look I'm going to use, I will show you it either on, or after halloween if I get proper pictures of the whole get up. And I'm so excited for it because I've made parts of it myself, and others I've borrowed from friends, and I've been scouring arounf myh warderobe to find the last missing pieces. So hopefully I will get a picture of the whole get up!
This look however you can use for many things, in a fairy costume take away the dots and use it for a witch costume, or just do something else with it haha!
It all comes down to how you want to portray it.
And the smoke? It's a cool effect you can do if you vape,like I do.
That picture was actually one of my test pictures, to see how the light would be if I put up my black neckscarf behind me, usually I don't use those pictures. But I like the effect it had.
I do not intend to make people start vaping, unless you do smoke regular cigarettes, because vaping is so muych better for you, trust me on that.
But if you don't smoke, then you shouldn't begin, really.
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