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Todays Look - Ghostly

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Well, Something happened to my face while taking these pictures haha! maybe it's because I'm naturally very pale, or maybe it's the fact that this look is very monocromic?
I don't know. I'm paler that usual atleast heh..
I don't know aboyt you, but I've been watching way too much I'ts Black Friday on youtube, if you don't know who that girl is, you should check her out!
And I love the way she does her eyemakeup that gices her these big alien like eyes. So i thought that I'd try it out now that I have circle lenses! But she does have an advantage, and that is that she already has huge eyes to begin with, and I kinda just trew this together on a whim,
But nonetheless, I did actually like the outcome of this makeup.
And when these pictures where taken I had wore it for approx 4 hours already, only thing I retouched was the that is one of the reasons why one of the lashes is coming off!
Hopyou enjoy this!
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