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30DPC Day 10: Childhood memories

Publicerad 2017-12-10 15:48:00 i 30 day challenge, Photograph,

This one made me think alot. And it wasn't untill I looked upon our christmas tree that we've just decorated that i remembered that some of the ornaments have been with me since I was a kid.
And that made me remember this one Christmas where we were the whole family in a little cabin in Denmark.
I remember it being fun an cozy with the whole family there, And I remember getting Kim Larsens Tarzan Mamma Mia vinylrecord, and played it quite alot if my memory don't fail me.
I was lucky to find  two pictures from that occation in my stash that need an album. And I know mom has more of them.
Top photo: My uncle with my little brother and grandma. Lower photo is my dad, me and mom.


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