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DMC 8: Favorite False lashes

Publicerad 2017-12-08 15:35:00 i 30 day challenge,

First of all; I'm sorry that this comes a bit later than it's supposed to. Life happened and I got a bit overwhelmed. But I'm still going to post these even if it means I'll have to post more than one in one day. I took on this challenge and I'll finish it!
Onto todays challenge; Favorite false lashes.
As you can see on the photo I have a whole drawer of them. And I honestly can't choose a favorite from them, since I basically use them all depending on what look I am going for.
Almost every pair I have is from Ebay, mostly because you can get a pack of 5-10 pairs without breaking the bank. And most of them is in good quality. I would recommend going up tp $2-3 because then you get those asian lashes that's really comfortable and well made.


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