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Let's do this again! December makeup Challange

Publicerad 2017-12-01 20:34:00 i 30 day challenge,

  1. No makeup Makeup
  2. Favorite color eyeshadow
  3. Royal blue
  4. Bare face
  5. Glitter eyeliner
  6. Red Lips
  7. Skin Care products
  8. Favorite false eyelashes
  9. Makeup wishlist
  10. Recreate makeup look from your all time favorite Mua/ beauty guru etc
  11. Glitter lips
  12. Cat eye
  13. Before and after
  14. MOTD
  15. Favorite nail color
  16. Go to makeup look
  17. Winged Liner
  18. Favorite Mascara
  19. Favorite Foundation
  20. Gold
  21. Silver
  22. Nude Lips
  23. Smokey Eye
  24. Merry Christmas MOTD
  25. Favorite Eyeshadow Palette
  26. Favorite makeup remover
  27. Holy Grail ocncealer
  28. What's in my purse
  29. Monochromatic
  30. New years eve


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