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DMC Day 7: Skin Care Products

Publicerad 2017-12-08 02:35:38 i 30 day challenge,

Honestly, I'm not much for skincare, I'm really bad at it and should do a lot better with it. heh..
But that doesn't mean I don't have things for my skin!
1. Dark Angels from Lush. I've talked about this before, and this is a staple in out bathroom.
I basically use it once a week, or whenever I feel like I need it.
2. Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, Again; I've talked about this before. it's also a staple in our bathroom. And I use it whenever I feel that my skin needs a little pick me up.
3. Oliv Dagkräm (daycream) from Gunry. Just a daycream. nothing fancy really.
4. Oliv Nattkräm (nightcream) from Gunry. Just a nightcreme, again northing fancy really.
5. Oliv Rengorings gel (cleansinggel) From Gunry. Just your standars facewash. I use this when I have stubborn makeup that doesn't want to come off.
6. Oliv ögonkräm (eyecream) from Gunry. Just a standard eyecream.
really, the Oliv series is nothing fancy, got it dirt cheap on Netto for like 20sek a piece if even that. I haen't felt any difference with them, and they all kinda feel similar.


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