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Want a pretty face like this?;

Then watch this then!!



Yves rocher Cure solution

15 Concealer palette, Yellow, green and skin tones

MUS matte foudation Creme

Isadora compact powder Sheer transparent


That's all you need for a face like this!


Callowlilly Cinderella

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So I Did the makeup from this picture the other day;


And this is how it turned out ( Please have in mind that I've had it on a whole day on this picture)

I thought it turned out nice. Sooooo here's what I've used:


MUS matt foundation Cream

Isadora compact powder #10 sheer transparent



Manly 120 palette; Yellow, black, red, turquise

MAC juxt

Isadora Glossy eyeliner Black

MAC smudger Black

Magic cat waterproof mascara


Gerard meets Brody + tutorial

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So.. I decided to make a tutorial out of this look, And I hope you guys enjoy!

MUS matt foundation
Isadora velvet touch powder


Lumene Beauty base primer
Shengjim 2 in1 pencil
Manly 120 palette, rusty red/brownish
Isadora Fine liner eye stylo #01 carbon black

Nivea stay on eye pencil black
MAC eye khol smolder

Magic Cat waterproof Mascara





Thank you all!


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