Glam of Sweden Nailpolish #176

Neon green! Yum!
And this one is particually yummy. Why? I just love me a pretty neon green color, that's why!
unfortunately it's hard to capture this gorgeousness on a photograph. But trust me when I say; it is STUNNING!
Unfortunately it's like the neon yellow polish I bought, it needs a coulple of coats before it completely covers the nail. But again; nothing really unusal when it comes to neons. And in this instance it's so cheap that I actually don't mind. It's the same texture as the black and yellow polish and it dries down fast.
Not much to complain about really.
Good price, good color, good most things. So far this brand have surpassed my expectations. And most of the time while using these I can't stop staring at my nails. They're just so gorgeous!
Again: you can find them in supermarkets here in Sweden and they're around 10-12 kr.
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Glam of Sweden Nailpolish #175

Here I am again with the skull polishes from the supermarkest here in Sweden.
After my first encounter with the awesome balck polish, I had to try out some of the other colors they had, and ofc I fell for the neons and had to get that one hehe.
Sadly, it's not as aweome as the black polish and you'll need atleast 3 coats to get a nice coverage, But it does dry quickly and is not as chalky as other neon polishes (take CG yellow polka dot bikini as an instance) And the staying power is longer than the CG one aswell.
Nevertheless, it's a pretty good polish for the price, again its about one dollar (10-12 kr) and if you don't have any neons I suggest that you go and get this one actually.
Again, you can find it in most supermarkets in Sweden :)
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Glam of Sweden Nailpolish #52

This polish has taken me by surprise! Why you might ask? Because it's one of the best black polishes I've ver owned. And it only costed me around a dollar!
Now, how do I know it's the best black I've ever tried? And why am I praising this? I mean come on, it has a skull bottle!
Well let me tell you why;
Do you see the swatches below?
Yeah? That's one coat.
ONE coat.
I'm not even kidding you! And as an avid black nailpolish gal throughout my teenage years all I've ever had is black polished that you've needed atleast three coats of it to get it as black and opaque as his. No matter what the price has been.
And the skull bottle? Well it's just a little fun bonus really. If i would've found this in my teenage years my room would have been covered in these bottles.
Uuunfortunately though you can only get it in Sweden that I know of, since the name is Glam of SWEDEN. But what do I know? It might excist in out neighbouring countries.
For a one dollar (10 sek) bottle of nailpolish I'm really impressed! it has fast trying time aswell. Although the finish is a little bit rubbery, so I woudl recommend a topcoat if you have that.
Where to find it tho?
Well I've seen it in various big supermarkets like City Gross, Ica Maxi, Eko hallen and so on. and the price has varied between 10 sek to 12 sek.
And for that price you get a pretty cool bottle, and a kick ass black nailpolish!
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