Glam of Sweden Nailpolish #52

This polish has taken me by surprise! Why you might ask? Because it's one of the best black polishes I've ver owned. And it only costed me around a dollar!
Now, how do I know it's the best black I've ever tried? And why am I praising this? I mean come on, it has a skull bottle!
Well let me tell you why;
Do you see the swatches below?
Yeah? That's one coat.
ONE coat.
I'm not even kidding you! And as an avid black nailpolish gal throughout my teenage years all I've ever had is black polished that you've needed atleast three coats of it to get it as black and opaque as his. No matter what the price has been.
And the skull bottle? Well it's just a little fun bonus really. If i would've found this in my teenage years my room would have been covered in these bottles.
Uuunfortunately though you can only get it in Sweden that I know of, since the name is Glam of SWEDEN. But what do I know? It might excist in out neighbouring countries.
For a one dollar (10 sek) bottle of nailpolish I'm really impressed! it has fast trying time aswell. Although the finish is a little bit rubbery, so I woudl recommend a topcoat if you have that.
Where to find it tho?
Well I've seen it in various big supermarkets like City Gross, Ica Maxi, Eko hallen and so on. and the price has varied between 10 sek to 12 sek.
And for that price you get a pretty cool bottle, and a kick ass black nailpolish!
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Kics Nailpolish Swiss Winter

Swiss Winter is a "off white" nailpolish ait ha slight shimmer/glitter to it. And by "off white" I mean it's more of a greyish white, it's not thw usual WHITE white, this goes more off to the grey side of white? Does it make any sesne at all?
Anyeay, this have a semi matt finish, and in certain light you'll see small glitterflecks and some shimmer, It's not much, but it does something with the polish!
It dries really fast, but goes on a bit streaky so you have to paint thin coats so you get an even result. you don't need much tho, It's only two coats on the pictures.
I bought this some years ago in hope for a good white nailpolish that I could use as a base for some colors, and to use when I do try on nailart. It's not the white I was after but I'm kinda glad I found it.
Sadly I think Kicks has discontinued it, because I bought this on a sale for 20 sek (aprox $2/$3) some time ago, and I haven't seen it since.
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China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is a gorgeous neon yellow polish that came out in a china glaze collection some years ago if I'm not wrong.
It's a very sheer polish, so you'll need several layers to reach maximum capacity, even when you use a white polish as a base.It tries semi fast, and it comes down to like a semi matte kind of finish.
It doesn't hold very well, those times I've tried it, it have started to chip just hours after application. So I think a good base is a must with this, same to a good toppcoat.
Of course the pictures doesn't do the neon colour justice, since this really is a color you need to see with your own eyes to get the full effect of the neon.
I have no idea if this one is still available, or what it costs, since I got this from a friend of mine not to long ago :)
You might also wonder why my fingers have a redish tone to them down to my knuckles, Well. I have one of those dip in removers, aaaand I used a red polish in it, soo now the whole thing tints my fingers whener I want to remove a polish... And I did not notice this until I started to edit the pictures...
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