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Feline Fancy Collection

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Sugarpill has done it again!

Yes, I managed to get my hands on the Feline fancy collection that Sugarpill released in time for Valentines day this year. I got it later though since they still had it some months later.

And as usual when it comes to sugarpill the packaging is super adorable, this time with artwork featured by

Brandi Milne.

In this collection you get an eyeshadow palette and a liquid lipstick, and it all comes in this cute box where you can keep them in or do like I did and put the box on display on a shelf or something.

The palette on the inside has four square pans, something that's not typical Sugarpill since they usually have circular ones. The mirror is absolutetly adorable with its two hearts.

There's only one matte in this palette, which can has it's ups and downs, but so far I have been able to put on full looks with only this palette.

Sugarpill describes the colors as following:


- foiled rose petal pink with gold duochrome, Sealed With a Kiss!


- foiled soft baby pink champagne, doubles as an all-over highlighter


- warm matte brown, the perfect transition shade


- vibrant, foiled red

The eyeshadows are swatched on Nyx jumbopencil Milk (top), too faced shadow insurance (middle) and bare skin (bottom) And as you can see it's not much of a difference between the layers.

As usual the eyeshadows are pigmented and goes on like butter, keep in mind these are finger swatches tho. but they do apply as smoothly with a brush.

Oh and before I forget:

I thought to myself that Kiss Kiss really looked like their loose pigment Asylum but once I swatched them I saw that Asylum is more of a blue based red and has more of a pinkish tone while Kiss Kiss is more of a yellowy/orange red as you can se on the swatch above. I threw in Love + mostly just because.

I kinda wish Kiss Kiss was like Asylum but in a pressed version. Because Asylum is my favourite metallic red, but I rarely use it because it is a loose pigment, so I forget that I have it.

Anyway, there's not much more to say about the shadows. They're stunning as all sugarpill eyeshadows are. And I'm never dissapointed in their products when I buy from them.

What was nice with this collection is that they also had a Liquid lipstick with it that is a STUNNING metallic dark red. I've never tried their liquid lipsticks before, so this was a bit fun for me actually. I got my first shock when I opened it because it smelled amazing. It says that it smells like creamsicles on their website. But I've never smelled one of those so I would describe the smell like Marabous Orange milkchocolate that we have here in Sweden. Just a bit more on the orange side. Either way it's delicious!

Strange Love goes on very smoothly on the lips, and it's so lightweight that you barely feel it on your lips. This is a big plus for me. However, it's not completely transfer proof, So it will transfer onto things you put to your mouth when you wear it. Ex: I vape, and I got some onto there. But it's no big deal, since it's not much that comes off. I can't tell you about the wear, since I haven't worn it long enought to see how it preforms during the day. And the drying time is a bit longer than expected.

But I can tell you this: if you want it ot be more metallic; just wait untill it dries down and then rub your finger lightly on your lips and the metallic aspect will come out more!

This bundle cost me $48, which is a good deal considering the palettes back in the days cost $34 and their liquid lipsticks ranges from $18-$20 And you get the adorable sleeve that you wouldn't get otherwise. Unfortunately you can't get these items seperate.

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Sugarpills website

The Incredible FaceMask review

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So, A while ago I got offered to try out MayBeauty's The incredible face mask, and I thought why not? Since I've heard lot about it and seen it here and there.
So what does it do?
Well, It's a peel off mask that is said to remove blackheads, acne, dead skin and oil.
and does it do that?
That's actually a hard question for me to answer since I don't realyl struggles with any of that, except for the blackheads, and then they're not super noticable anyway. So I brought in the big guns and asked my SO if he was interested in trying it aswell with me, since he does have oilier skin and struggles more with acne/pimples and blackheads.
But for the sake of this review I tried it on first and talk about what I thought of it to begin with :)
And you'll get a 30% off the price if you either klick here, or put trickfacemask30 in the checkout :)
You can either get the "try it out package" which is 249 sek and contains 5 sheets, a brush and a guide.
Or you can get the bigger one for 379 sek which contains 12 sheets, a guide and a brush.
The instructions are very easy to follow. and they're not kidding about the "can remove facial hair" part, I got to learn it the hard way haha!
The mask is completely black, and it actually cam as a chock for me when I first opened it up haha! I must have totally missed that they said it was black when I read the email. either way, Itäs easy to apply, and one sheet goes a loooong way!
And the brush actually makes it easy to apply, it's not fiddly like some other brushes can be, And it made it kind of even :)
Although, I do not recommend putting it all over the face as I've done above, Because it will cling on to the fine hair everyone have on  their faces and rip them off when you are taking the mask off, it was a very painfull process, so I would recommend putting it where you need it instead of all over the place, or do patches with it.
once it dries you'll feel how the mask is pulling on the skin, kinda like it's givin you a facelift, and every tiny move you do  with the face is a workout, but now comes the fun par! peeling it off and see the result!
Like I said; the peeling of the mask process is kind of painful to do, and I wanted it off in once piece, which I managed. and I'm sparing eveyrone how the mask looked on the inside, it was nasty haha! it definetly removed almost all of my blackheads, especially those arounf my nose.
here's a before and after, And I know that they are in completely different lightning, But you can actually see the difference anyway.
So this is a good product, but I use it more like a pore strip shen I use it, since I really don't need it all over my face. And speaking if all over the face:
I recommend doing this a couple of hours before if you're going out. Because it does rip off the finer hair on your face, so you will be all red an patchy ( you can see a bit on the after photo above)
but all in all I do recommend this actually. especially if you have a bit more oilier skin or struggle with a lot of blackheads.
oh! And my So?
Well, It did work on him, and the result showed a lot more on him than it did on me. We tried the "patch" system instead og whole face covered, it seemed to work a bit more actually, But it still pulled on the small hairs, but we noticed that if you rip it off like a bandaid it's not as painful, well it is, but you don't really react to it like when you're slooooowly pulling it off..
Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of him and how it looks afterwards..

The Body Shop All in one InstaBlur

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Okay so. I got this interesting little thing in th Body Shop Calendar last year ( I know, I sucked at uppdating it, but life happened)
And I got quite surpriced, since I've heard alot of thing about this, that it's supposed to be really good and really keeps what it promises, and makeup goes on soooo much easier with this than with any other primer. And I've even seen people comparing this to Benefits Porefessional primer and saying that Instablur beats porefessional (!!!)
So of course I jumped a bit with joy when I saw that I got this.
But it is worth the hype? is it really better than Porefessional that is my go to primer?
well. I honestly haven't used it that much yet. But I can give you some of my impressions.
Let's look at the texture first shall we. it's grainy. Or well. not grainy like coarse and such. But it looks grainy compared to other primers I've used that's smooth. And  it is a bit on the dry side aswell, again compared to other primers I've used.
But it have that same silicone feel to it like the primers I've tried before, and this click I've got here is more than enough to the whole face, so a little goes along way, which can be good when it comes to such and expensive product.
And The Body Shop promises that this will moisurize you face aswell as minimize fine lines and get rid of extra shine. And since I am 25 and have been smoking half of my life I do have some fine lines here and there, as most people in my age do. So if it could really minimize that would be awesome, right?!
well. I did do a before and after picture of it the other day when I was applying my makeup, and as you can see it is actually doing it's job!
But how does it feel ones you actually put the foundation and such on top of it?
Well. I feel like it glides on, and slips of quite easily compared to Benefits Porefessional. I might actually do a real comparison between those two where I do half and half to see it side by side.
but clearly it is doing something! My pores aren't as petruding, and my nosewrinkles I get from squinting my eyes all day is barely noticible.
So it is worth the price?
Honestly? I can't answer that. I might buy this again, I might not. I fell in love with The Porefessional as soon as I put that thing on my face, so changing it up is not for me right now. (to quote Stewie Griffin; I don't like change D:)
But I'm definetly going to try this out more now that I actually do have it!


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