DMC Day 9: Makeup Wishlist

So they want me to do a Makeup wishlist. if they only knew!
Oh well. I'm going to try my best. and I'll divide it up to "categories" or rather after the brand of makeup, instead of lumping it all and making it messy. I won't provide any links or pricing because most of these things might not even be available in you or even my country. and after all; it's jus a google search away :)
so let's get started with this shall we?
First off we have Wet N' Wild. They've been coming out with some new things over the years that have made me want items  from them more, and also some oftheir classic things aswell.
1. Photo Focus Foundation.
2. 10 pan eyeshadow palette ; Comfort Zone, Not a basic Peach & Rosé in the air.
3. Eyeshadow Quad; Petalette
4. Rainbow Highlighter, Unicorn glow
5. Ombré Blush; In a purple haze & The princess Daiquiries
6. Megaglo Highlighting Powders; Blossom Glow, Botanic Dream & Royal Calyx
Inglot is a brand that we should not get started on when it comes to me. I want it all from them.
But to make things easy I picked out two things:
1. Duraline.
2. AMC Eyeliner gel (preferably in every color since I already have the black one.)
Makeup Revolution is a brand I've kept my eye on for a couple of years now, but never ordered from. maybe I should change that?
1. Fortune Favours the Brave palette
2. Life on the dancefloor Eyeshadow palette; guest List & Sparkles
3. Iconic 3 palette
4. Pro looks Palette: Eat, Sleep, Makeup Repeat.
5. Skin Kiss Highlighter; Star Kiss, Pink Kiss, Prismatic Kiss
6. Ultra Pro glo palette
7. Ultra Gool Glow palette
8. Strobe Higlights; Radiant Lights, Northen Lights, Lunar Lights, Moon Lights.
Phew. this will have to be it for this time. otherwise I could go on and on for an eternity to comlete this list.

Wants - NYX Lips


Georgia, Harmonica, Haute Melon, Indian Pink.
Mauve, Medusa, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Milk.
Watermelon, Chaos, Narcissus, Eros
Aria, Eden, Hippie Chic
Shocking Pink,  Summer Breeze, Temptress.
Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Ibiza
Morocco, San Paulo, Transylvania
Apple Strudel, Cherry Cheescake, Cherry Pie.
Créme Brulee, Cupcake, Fortune Cookie.
Peach Cobbler, Peaches and Cream, Red Velvet.
Big Cherry, Bit of Honey, Cotton Candy, Hot Tamale.
Hunk, Licorice, Lollies, Sweet Tart.
Absolute Red, Bonfire, Dolly Girl.
Natural, Nude Peach Fuzz, Pinky Nude
Auburn, Citrine, Coral, Deep Purple, Dolly Pink.
Ever, Fushia,  Hot Pink, Hot red, Mauve.
Natural, Orange, Plush Red, Purple Rain, Tangerine.
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