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I'm leaving
because I've been here for so long now, and I feel stuck. I have a whole lot of changes coming up and this is the start of it.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get all my posts over to Nouw, so this blog will be up until then.
then new blog is still under constuction, So please bear with me.
hopefully I'll see all of you on my new blog. and if not: i't been a good run :)

10 Years.

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Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried:
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar)

10 year have now passed.
I still miss you everyday.
I might never know what actually happened to you.
But you'll always be the light in my heart.
It still pains me that you're gone, and I know you'd be proud of me being creative.
You've always let me be who I am without questioning why.
I'm very thankful for that.
I'll always miss you, and I'll always love you.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this world dad.
Now go on and be free like that bluebird.

Ronnie Lantz
09/10 1958 - 07/07 2007

Todays Look - Summer Breeze

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 Here's another one I did last summer. I have no idea what I*ve used for this. But I'm pretty sure it's just my usual bace and a ton of Makeupgeek Eyeshadows.
The lashes are definetly form ebat tho!
Hope you enjoy!


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