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MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Most of you might know what I really really love RHPS, I fell in love with the movie the first time I saw it, which was pretty late in my life (2009) but since then I've seen it several times and I do listen to the music from time to time while dancing my butt off (who doesn't?)
So Imagine my surprice and astonishment when I got to know that MAC is releasing a RHPS themed collection in celibration for their 40 year anniversary!
I don't know much about the collection so far, All I've seen is the promo picture below, And read somewhere that they will have lipsticks, lip pencils, eyeshadow palette, pigments, glitter, lashes, powders and blushes, so you can recreate one of the looks from the movie.
Now I'm not completely sure if everything I just listed will be in the collection. all I know is that I want my hands on it!

I found a slideshow whit the whole collection and let me just say that I NEED the lipsticks, pigments, laquers, glitters, palette, blush and highlight/contouring compact!

I mean; LOOK AT IT! *Heavy breathing*

Manic Panic releases a new color

Publicerad 2014-08-06 12:10:03 i News,

I love me some Manic Panic har color, although I've onlt used one color from them. and that was Electric Lava, and it gave me that perfect orange hair I've wanted for so long.
And now they have released a new color called siren's song!
This is what I got in my mail this mornig:
It doesn't seem to be avalable on their website at the moment, But I'm pretty sure it will show up eventually.
And I'm not completely sure of the price either since their shopping side won't relly work at the moment.


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