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20% off at Sigma!

Publicerad 2013-12-02 06:22:38 i Sales,

And since it's Cyber Monday, Sigma is offering 20% off some of their products!
Just klick the picture above to get to their site and enter CM2013 when you check out :)

Sugarpill Pink Weekend!

Publicerad 2013-11-29 08:21:00 i Sales,


Sugarpill has an awesome sale in their site that I wish I could participate in! But unfortunatey I'm really poor, So I'm Sharing this with you guys!
Palettes are;  $25.50(ca 170 kr) - $27.20(ca 180 kr) Instead of $34 (ca 230 kr)
Pressed Eyeshadows are; $8.40 (ca 60 kr) - $9.60 (ca 65 kr) instead of $12 (ca 80 kr)
Loose Eyeshadows are $6.00 (ca 40 kr) - $9.60 (ca 65 kr) Instead of $12 (ca 80 kr)
Electrocutes are $12.80 (ca 85 kr) instead of $16 (ca 105 kr)
Lashes are $4.90 (ca 35 kr) - $7.20 (ca 50 kr)
Their eyeshadows is amazing, and you've seen me use them loads of times in this blog!
Just click the picture and you will come to their site :)

Free Shipping at Sigma!

Publicerad 2013-11-29 08:15:00 i Sales,

So right now Sigma has free shipping world wide, So if you want to get a pair of their brushes or another of their products now would be a good day to get it!
Klick on the picture to get to the page and enter BF2013 When you check out.


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