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Bad Habits

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Ok. Let's talk a bit shall we?
We all have some kind of bad habits. Some more than others. And I DEFINETLY have some bad habits that I really shouldn't be doing since I'm so into makeup. and it will probably bite me in my ass one day. So here are my bad habits;
I smoke. I know I shouldn't be doing that, But it's something I've been doing since I was 13. And this year I'm actually thinking about quitting. Because I want to be healtier and just to get rid of that habit.

I don't always wash of my makeup before I go to sleep. And I sometimes have it on for several days before I wash it off.

I'm really bad at skincare. I rarely use what I'm supposed to use on my face, If i am really dry I will put on a body butter if I have it close to me.

I'm really bad a washing my brushes. I know I should do it stleast every other day. but i do it when I can' use them anymore without them blending in other colors in the mix.. It's mostly because I only use them on myself and I rarely do someones wlses makeup.

I use my mascara untill it tries out . I don't throw it away after 3-6 months like every beautyblogger sugests. but then again, I don't have the money to go and buy a new mascara every 3 months. And i don't get a shitton sent to me either..
I'm really bad at taking care of my hair. I colored it so hard during my teens that it's kind of permanently damaged. although, nowdays I'm trying not to color it too often, and I'm always looking for hair product that will do good for my hair.
I pull my eyelids when I put on eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara, I KNOW I'm not supposed to because it will get me fine lines before it's supposed to. but I just can't get my eyeliner precise if I don't
So yeah.  That is all i could think of right now.
Do you have any bad habits that you know is bad for you, but you still keep on doing it?

Todays look - colors

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Didn't get any good closeups on the eyemakeup today. but I think that is for the best also. because I waxed my eyebrows the other day, and I don't know what I did, but it really hurted when I was going to put on this makeup, so the purple is a bit blotchy, and I went a bit overboeard with the white.. ah well, we all make mistakes :)
Skinfood Good Afternoon BB Cream Peach Green Tea #1
Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream #1
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
Mother Home Contouring Palette
Glossybox blush Glossy Rosewood
MUG pigment Sweet Dreams
Urban Decays Primer Potion
NYX Jumbopencil Milk
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Acidberry
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Mochi
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Velocity
Sugarpill Eyeshadow 2AM
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Maybelline Gel Liner black
Oriflame wonderlash mascara
MUG gel liner Poison
MUG eyeshadow Bitten

Throwback Thursday

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Let's have some fun shalll we? I found a really old CD with a butt load of pictures of me from like 2004 or something like that, Could be 2005.. It's really mixed, So lets go nuts!
This is actually in 2005, right after I cut my hair that wen't down to my hip/ butt off! D: mom put it in a ponytail and *snip* it was below sgoulder length for the first time evarr! And that black thing around my eyes? don't worry it,s probably just 1-2 day old Khol kajal pencil smudged around my eyes.. I never took it off, just put new on everyday ._. Also; natural brows! AND No piercings at all. I was kind of cute at 15 don't you think? haha
Cut bangs, fixed my roots. And look! freshly applied makeup! woah! couldn't use the straightener for shit, We had thios really oldschool one that was 10 cm thick thing that sucked! I think my mom still has it at her place..
Still 2005, coloured my hair half n' half. Painted with markers on my arms. And I changed that Khol kajal to a liquid eyeliner that didn't budge but still had the same routine.. And I had fluffy hair ._. well.. my natural hair is kind of fluffy..
2006 I think. black hair, pink stripes all done by me. super raggedu jeans that I held together with safety pins. and a big carton of ice tea! Nom.
Still 2006, Pink and black hair inspired by kauro from Dir en grey.
Still 2006 and a buttload of hairspray ._.
 oh and probably 2-3 days worth of eyeshadow and eyeliner..
i think this is in 2007, right around christmas,. DIP DYE FTW! Didn't look goos unless I fixed my hair. which I never got to do when mom took this picture. Once again same old makeup probably applied days before and just reapplied without washing the old off first.
How did/do I have such good skin..?

2009, with, "I didn't want hat red hair color so lets bleach the heck out of my hair so I can get another red haircolor", color on my hair.. those pants <3 I miss them so much :c and that shirt.. I wonder where that is now ._. Got stuck in that can ._.
"dafuq mom! don't tanke pictures of me in this shirt! i don't even like Iron Maiden, but the shirt is comfy BUT DON'T TAKE PICTURES OM ME 'MAKING' FOOD" yeah. Stole that shirt from a friend. I think I still have it somewhere.
Also; 2 days old makeup crumbling away *sigh*


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