Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

For you who doesn't know;
I was in Denmark last week, visiting my family. And while I was there I wanted to go to Sephora in Copenhagen.
And as always I get kind of overwhelmed and just start running in circles poking everything. It didn't help that they had their Midseason sale, so the store was PACKED. So if I was looking at something and turned my back for 2 sec and turned back again it was 15 people staring at the thing I wanted to look at, And I'm not one of those who speak up and say "excuse me, may I have a look aswell" or something similar. I shyly walk away to another stand. This kind of stressed out my mom, and my boyfriend a bit, because I'm always like that and I can't decide what to get since I want the whole store.
BUT, I somewhat caught a pink glimpse in my eyes and turned around and saw that they have a Too faced stand, they didn't have one last time I was there. And I saw their melted lipsticks (that were wrecked so I never got to see how they looked or feel) and I saw this palette.
This palette the whole makeup comunity have raved ao much about, how it smells so good, it''s so cute/pretty/perfect/awesome etc. And I've seen countless reviews of it, and have always wondered how much does it really smell, and is it really that good? 
So I smelled it. But my nose was pretty fucked up after smelling countless perfumes and other things. Yes, I'm one of those who has to sniff everything, eyeshadows, foundations, lotions etc. Because I don't want a product that smells like balls on my face.. Just saying. 
Aynway. It does smell like chocolate, Not like regular cocoa, since it has a bit more bitter smell compared to this, but it smells good! 
So, yeah, I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette haha! or well, my boyfriend got it for me actually <3
I've only swatched it so far, so I haven't really gotten around to play with it yet.
I've got a new dog and a runny nose so I'm quite busy at the moment.
But here's some swatches for you:
(please ignore my scars, they show up more on camera, and I wasn't feeling trying to find a place on my body to swatch these)
Lftr: Gilded Ganache, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Black Forest Truffle, Triple Fudge
Salted Caramel, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Candied violet, Amaretto
Hazelnut, Cremé Brulee, Haute Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Champagne Truffle

The palette is available in several different stores online that I'm aware of:

Born Pretty Store Haul

I recieved a couple of things from Born Pretty Store, and today I'll do a tiny overview for you.
I will feature these items in up and coming makeups so if you want to see them in action just wait :)
(Bornpretty store is kind enough to give me this code for a 10% of their purchase if you find anything interesting. Just enter MUUG10 in the checkout. And they also tell me that if there's 5 persons ordering with this code they will host a giveaway for me, so you can be able to win things aswell)
I got got these Beautiful lashes in #1. I haven't tried them yet, but from just poking them they feel really soft, and I'm sure that they will be comfortable to wear. I love lashes, And I always find it convenient to buy these 10 packs, because usually they're pretty cheap ($3.99 for these) and they're not that bad to be honest.
Yeah, me too, I don't know if it could be that Mácely and Skinfood is the same company so therefore they use the same packaging, or, Mácey could just be a more "budget" kinda brand that does something similar to Skinfood? you know like, Urban Decay originally did the naked palettes and now almost every company has atleast one Naked palette dupe. Anyway.
This BB cream has a thick consitency similar to the Skinfood ones, and if this one is as great as those, I'll easily just go with this, as it is cheaper ($2.61 originally $5.21) Than the ones from Skinfood ( ~$7 >) I have #2 whick is the Berry Berry one that is supposed to help sith wrinkles?(?)
Okay, This Foundation got me a bit baffled when I opened the packaging up. Because as you can see, it is not a hand and foot lotion! And the reason to why I was so surpriced is because it's even marketed on the website as a foundation! haha! I don't know what went wrong there, but if we set that aside, this feel like one of those noce foundations keep in myin I've only tried it on my hands so far) it's runny, but not too runny, you catch my drift? You get ALOT of product for the price as well! (42.5 g for $6.29 usual foundations has 30 g)
And no, it diesnät smell like sugar cookies as the packaging says as well! haha
Lastly I got this pretty lipstick in #1. altought I was hoping it would be more Peacy than pink, but sometimes it's hard to see on pictures how the colours actually are! And I'm not bummed out at all with this color.
Fun story; I was completely newly awake when my boyfriend came it with the package, so when I opened this up I got frustrated because I couldn't find where to get the cap off, untill I realised that youre supposed to pull the knob and the lipstick comes out haha! They do have some fun colors so I actually think I'm going to order some more. I just have to actually try this on my lips first. Like I said above, I've only handswatched them so far.

Born Pretty Store Haul

A while ago I recieved these three things from Born Pretty Store, and today I'll do a tiny review for you.
I will feature these items in up and coming makeups so if you want to see them in action just wait :)
Enter MUUG10 in the checkout for 10% off your purchase :)

First out we have the CC cream. Now, I'm pretty tired of the whole BB/CC/DD cream hype that is going on in the world. And mostly it's just a tinted moisturizer that you can make yourself with your foundation and some facial cream. BUT I do like the Asian BB creams, since they actually do have coverage and does what they're supposed to do.
With that said; I've never tried cc cream before, And I thought that this could be a good opportunity to try it.
I got a bit surpriced when I got it, because for some reason I thought I would be a normal sized tube (didn't read the description so well) But this is a good sample tube on 5g that so far have lasted me three times and I still have alot to use in it. The coverage is good, not super, but nothing a bit of concealer won't fix, and it feels natural on the skin.
It was pretty hard to get on camera since it looks pretty natural when blended out :)
Next out I got myself a lip crayon. Now, this isn't like all the other that I've read about from clinique, revlon etc. Which also surprised me haha! this one is really glossy, and the weird/fun part of it is that when you first swatch it, you don't see much color, but if you leave it be a bit the color will show more.
I don't remember the number of the color I got right now, But I don't think it matters that much since it doesn't have much color payoff.
It have a really plasticy smell, and it feels really waxy on the lips. BUT it isn't unpleasant in any way at all. this golor gives my lips a little color for those days when I don't feel like putting lipstick on at all, and it feel like it is moisturizing them a tiny bit.
Last out we have the lashes. And honestly I don't have much to say about these since well, they are lashes that are longer on the outer corner. It's my favorite type of lashes and they're really comfortable to wear. and since they're quite thin they're pretty natural too.
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