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Viva la Diva 3 in 1 concealer

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Detta är en väldigt händig liten sak! många företag gör den dessutom. Wet n' Wild, Make Up Store mfl. Och jag förstår varför, för att den är lätt och praktisk att ha med sig. Du har allt i samma burk istället för att ha med dig 15 andra saker typ. Jag gillar den!
Täckningen är helt okej på denna. Den är inte i världsklass, men å andra sidan så är Viva la Diva ett budget märke, och med tanke på priset så är den väldigt bra.
Den har en neutral färg, en röd och en gul. Så den Röda täcker över blåa nyanser så som mörka ringar under ögonen. Den gula täcker över röda nyanser, tex om du har en finne, Eller rund näsvingarna. och den neutrala lägger du antingen över dom andra, eller använder den som den är, eller så kan du mixa ihop den med en annan för att den ska passa din hudton bäst! praktiskt va!?
Den är helt klart värt att kolla in anser jag.
Dock finns det en negativ grej med det hela. Detta är den enda färgen som finns, och skulle du ha något mörkade hudton så skulle denna vara alldeles för ljus.
Viva la Diva går att köpa på Åhlens eller diverse online butiker
3 in 1 Concealer kostar runt 80 kr och finns enbart i en nyans.
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This is a very handy little thing ! And many companies have their own version of it . Wet n 'Wild , Make Up Store and others. And I understand why , because it is easy and convenient to take with you . You have everything in the same jar instead of taking 15 other things with you .
I like it !

The coverage is okay on this . It is not world class , but on the other hand , Viva la Diva a budget brand , and given the price , it is very good.

It has a neutral color , one red and one yellow. So the Red covers blue hues such as dark circles under the eyes. The yellow covers red hues , eg if you have a pimple, Or around the nostrils . and the neutral , add either of the others , or use it as is, or you can mix and match it with another to make it suit your skin tone best!
Handy eh! ?
It is definitely worth checking out .

However, there is one negative thing about it all. This is the only color available , and if you have a darker skintone , this would be way too light.

Viva la Diva can be purchased on Åhlens in Sweden or in assorted online stores
3 in 1 Concealer costs around 80 SEK and is only available in one shade .


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Antother week has gone, And this one have been highly featured my teeth!
Instagram; Trickmetolife
1. We sent home from Öland, and My little dog is all snuggled down in my bag on the train.
2. I've had really hard problems with sleeping lately.
3. Woke up looking like a chipmunk
4. Got my new brushes from Ebay that I've been waiting on.
5. I was freaking out because I had to go to the dentist.
6. Made a tutorial even though it looks like I'm sneaking candy.
7. Got tired of my faded out irange/red hair with 5 cm outgrowth, So I coloured my hair brown for the first time in 10 years.
9. Tring to get used to the hair.
10. "666 party with the Devil, Bitch" - Atilla

Todays Look - Sneaking Candy

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My face may look a bit different here than in my other FOTD, and the reason to that is that I have TWO wisdomteeth growing out, Not one, but TWO on the same side. So I've been looking like a chipmunk this week, And believe me when I say that it is less swollen on these pictures than it's been all week.
It hurts and it's just awful. I wouldn't even wish this on my enemy.
But it didn't stop me from making this tutorial anyway. Because I said I was going to do a tutorial a week until christmas, and that's what I will do!
This look if more for the one that don't want to use all the tacky overused colors (silver, gold, green. red) but still wants to look glamorous. It's shimmery, and it has glitter, and false lashes and it has a hint of gold on the wanterline. what could go wrong, eh? I am happy with this look, and it will work pretty good to most dresses :)
Skinfood Good Afternoon BB Cream Peach Green Tea #1
Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream #1
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
Mother Home Contouring Palette
Too faced Blush La vie en rose
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Virgin
NYX Jumbopencil Milk
MUG Eyeshadow Simply Marlena
MUG Eyeshadow White Lies
MUG eyeshadow Corrupt
Sleek Bad Girl Palette Rebel
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Birthday girl
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Virgin
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Half Baked
Me Now Eyepencil Gold
Eyeliner Pencil
Viva La Diva Mascara
Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara
criss cross Lashes from ebay
Viva La diva Mix & Match eyebrow Blond
Modelco Lip pencil
Viva la Diva Lipstic Cream
TGR Clear Lipgloss


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