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Publicerad 2012-11-30 18:20:43 i FOTD - Blue, FOTD - Red, FOTD - Yellow, Makeup,

A look made with more of the MUG (Makeupgeek) Eyeshadows, and this is how INTENSE they are WITHOUT Nyx Jumbopencil in Milk as a sticky base, I've just used Toofaced Shadow Insurance on this. IT'S CRAZY!
Skin79 BBcream (pink)
Maybelline FITme! concealer #15
Maybelline FITme! powder #115
Mother Home Contouring palette
MUG Eyeshadow Poolside
MUG Eyeshadow Fuji
MUG Eyeshadow Lemondrop
MUG Eyeshadow Razzleberry
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Mochi
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Tako
Me Now Perfect eye/lip liner #005 (dark navy blue) as liner w/
Lime crime Eyeshadow Divination (on top)
Yves rocher Lash Plumping Mascara
aaand my hair:


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Maybelline fitme foundation #110
maybelline Fit me concealer #15
maybelline fit me powder #115
Mother home contouring palette
NYX jumbopencil milk
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Sugarpill eyeshadow poison Plum
Sugarpill eyeshadow Stella
Sugarpill eyeshadow Velocity
Sugarpill eyeshadow Mochi
Sleek eyeshaow innocent
Maybelline long lasting gel liner
False lashes from ebay
chaarming cat mascara

Prom Queen

Publicerad 2012-11-27 14:00:25 i FOTD - Blue, FOTD - Grey, FOTD - Purple, Makeup,

So, I got my makeupgeek eyeshadow yesterday, and I couldn't really wait to play with them. So here's the first look using them!
Skin79 BBcream(pink one)
Maybelline Fit me Concealer #15
Maybelline FITme powder #115
Mother Home Contouring Palette
Nyx Jumbopencil Milk
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Tako
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Vanilla Bean
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Drama Queen
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Prom Night
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Nautica
Maybelline long lastin Gel liner
Lashes from ebay
Max factor 2000 calorie mascara


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