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Todays Look - Hulk Smash

Publicerad 2013-08-19 16:22:52 i FOTD - Green, FOTD - Purple, FOTD - Yellow, Makeup,

I was a  bit pissed when I did this look. Well. i've been pissed at thing the last couple of weeks.I Will write or do a Vlog about it someday I promise! That is one of the main reasons to why I've been so worthless at posting looks.
But here you have one! This was the first one where I had more than just an eyeliner in weeks. And I even curled my hair. Even Though I just put it up in a ponytail after these pictures were taken..
I hope you'll enjoy!
Maybelline FITme! Foundation #120
Maybelline FITme! Concealer #15
ELF Blush & contouring palette
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sin
Isadora matt compact  powder Sheer translucent
NYX Jumbopencil Milk
MUG eyeshadow Appletini
MUG eyeshadow Lemnon Drop
MUG Eyeshadow Simply Marlena
MUG eyeshadow Corrupt
Sugarpill eyeshadow Poison Plum
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Tako
ELF Shimmer eyeliner Teal
Maybelline eyesstudio gel liner
Lashes From ebay
Benefit They're real Mascara
Yves Roches Sexy Pulp Mascara
Modelco Lip corrector pencil
Viva la Diva lipstick Madonna
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Naked


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