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I actually looked like this for the first hours of my birthday, Because I simply asked on facebook about what kind of makeup I should wear, becauseI had no idea. and then a friend of mine commented with a picture of Pennywise from the movie IT. And I just couldn't resist. this was a really easy makeup, If you take away the white facepaint, because that was a pain in the ass to apply so it got smooth. But otherwise I'm really happy with it. I'm just a bit sad over the fact that I had the exact same red and yellow lenses as he have in the movie, but I threw them away because they were too old to use. But I'm still quite happy that the shite ones worked aswell :)
Kryolan aqua color White
Sugarpill eyeshadow tako
Maybelline color tattoo Turquoise forever
Sugarpill eyeshadow Afterparty
Kryolan aqua color black
Body shop mascara

Kryolan aqua color Black
Menow perfect eyeliner pencil #001 (black)
menow perfect eyeliner pencil #013 (red)
Makeupgeek lipstick luscious
Makeupgeek lipstick Ravishing
Sugarpill eyeshadow Love+


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Publicerad 2013-02-19 15:01:55

Ännu en helgrym sminkning!
Hoppas det är ok om jag länkar till dig, du har verkligen talang :) / My

Svar: åh men tack! jadå om du vill det så är det lugnt för mig :D

Postat av: My

Publicerad 2013-02-23 23:33:17

Nu är du addad :)

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