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Todays look - No.5

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Todays makeup comes from a different place where I haven't been in a while. I have a folder on my computer named "Inspiration" where I put things that inspire me, Like some photos, paintings, artists and Makeup. And I haven't been in that makeup folder in forever, so I started to scout out a look that could inspire me for todays makeup and I found this one! (picture will be posted below) Whitch is one of amy (shrinkle) Old looks that I've been having on my computer since 2008 or 2009. So I took it as inspiration and twisted it around so it wouldn't be an exact copy (because exact copies of someones makeup IS boring) And since my hair isn't as awesome as hers is I threw on my red wig I used for my Poison Ivy costume. And vóila! I became sort of a hipster Ariel.. Lucky me that I Love Ariel, and love looking like her sometimes!
Take care lovelies!
Skin 79 BB cream Hot pink
Maybelline FITme! concealer #15
Mother Home Contouring palette
MIYO Dollface pocder Vanilla
Glossybi Blush Glossy Rosewood
Urban Decay eyeshadow Sin
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbopencil Milk
Sleek Acid palette (yellow, Orange & 2 pinks)
Sugarpill eyeshadow buttercupcake
Sugarpill eyeshadow Flamepoint
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid eyeliner
Lashes From ebay + duo lash adhesive
Yves Rocher Lash plumping mascara
Sigma Brow Design Scarlett
Sugarpill eyeshadow Love +
Pierre René Sweet berry gloss #51 A clockwork Orange
GOSH Light'n shine Lipglaze #04
And the Inspiration picture:


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