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I'm your biggest Fawn

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Hello lovely followers! I know I've been missing from this (and almost everything else) for a week now. Mostly because I kind of burned my self out two weeks ago with over 1000 pictures to sort out and edit for the band, and then I kind of went in to the wall and didn't feel so good as I wanted.  And when I came back up on my feet and old "friend" of mine started to bitch out, mostly because she really haven't got anything better to do. So I told her to fuck off. And theeeeen I went to stockholm with the band and A hero divine (you can see our shenanigans on my band blog) AND TODAY! I finally got my thumbs out and did this fawn look, mostly because I'm going to attend a photoshoots where one of the models wanted a fawn inspired look :)
I do hope you will enjoy this!
Skin 79 bb cream
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Country Girl
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Kryolan aqua color White
NYX jumbopencil milk
Sugarpill eyeshadow Tako
Makeupgeek eyeshadow Stealth
Maybelline Gel eyeliner
Natural top lashes from ebay
Half lashes from ebay
bottom lashes from ebay
rhintestones from ebay
Nose & Lips:
maybelline gel liner
Makeupgeek country girl


Postat av: Johanna (Jolimas beautyblog)

Publicerad 2013-05-22 22:23:48

Skitsnyggt! :D

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