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DMC Day 01 - Red Lips

Publicerad 2014-12-01 13:58:00 i 30 day challenge, My Collection,

Okey! So, first post from the challenge which is Red Lips.
And I thought I'd change it up a bit and just show you my red lipsticks I have, instead of doind a whole look with red lips :) Could be more fun that way.
Now, Iäm not really going to go in to much detail about these, more than where you can get them and the price, Maybe some info on how it feels on.
I mostly wanted to show these off, since Red lipsticks are something I rarely wear, even though I absolutely adore and love them on others.
And the application might not be the best on these, since my lips is pretty uneven on both sides, and if I do overdraw them a tiny bit it always ends up with big ol' drag queen lips (not that it's anything wrong with that) It's just not for me :)
(now while I'm editing this I noticed that most of the lipstics are either some randoms I don't know the name of or anything, Or they don't exist anymore, I'm sorry about that. If you do know some good dupes for the listicks that are not available, Please let me know)
Lush Lipcreme Kraft (Power) 199 kr/5g
Intense red with orangy glitter particles in it. Goes on like a dream and has a pretty good staying power, Not that I've been wearing it for a whole day.. Easy to apply and doesn't really smudge all over the place.
It comes with a built in doefoot applicator.
Random Red lipstick from Ebay ~$2
First of all; I did not expect a fake mac product to come home to me once when I ordered a random red lipstic from Ebay for $2. I saw a red lipstick on the photo, Wanted it, and thought "what the heck, it's two dollars, and I'll notice if I get sick from it or not".
This looks more red in the tube, and on the lips it turns more to a "bleached" or Washed out red. it kinda looks pink in the swatches which is a bit weird. It goes on ok. You'll need to work it a bit though and layer it to get the full capacity. it's a pretty allright lipstick.
MakeupGeek Lipstick Ravishing ~$8(?)
This is not available any more, Don't know why MakeupGeek pulled the lipsticks from their line.
This lipstick is dry. Not even kidding. although since it is dry It will stay in place.
It's one of the darker reds I own, and it os more of a berry toned since it leans to the more pink side of the spectrum. Really beautiful color and actually quite hard to capture on a photo.
Makeupgeek Lipstick Luscious ~$8(?)
This is not available any more, Don't know why MakeupGeek pulled the lipsticks from their line.
This one looks really dark on the tube, But once applied it turns into this berry shade. This is definetly better in texture than Ravishing, it's soft, almost like butter and doesn't need much work at all. I don't know why it turned up more purple ish on the photos though..
Makeupgeek Lipstick Foxy ~$8(?)
This is not available any more, Don't know why MakeupGeek pulled the lipsticks from their line.
It's not really as pink as it looks in the pictures, it's more like the one from ebay that I showed you above.
The same "bleached"/washed out red, Actually quite pretty, Easy to put on, altough I doesn't really want to stay on the inner parts of the lips as you can see in the pictures.
Sans Soucis (No idea about the name or price)
This is old. Not even kidding. This is one of the first red lipstics I owned. and why do I still have it? Well.. It's pretty. It reminds me of Dorothys red slippers, although it doesn't show up on the pictures, It's actually quite red, and has lots of glitter particles in it. I usually use this and layer Sugarpills Asylum pigment on top for some looks. perf.
Mystery Shade
 This lisptick is a complete mystery to me. I don't remember the brand, or the name of it since I've depotted it, And the writing on it has faded!
This is a real Pinup red in my opinion. It's really that *PAOW' In your face red and I love it! however it does stain like crazy. Not even kidding. It looks live I've put on a buttload of Benetint on my lips.
Mystery Shade (106)
I don't know the brand of this one, All I know is that it is the shade 106. This once again is that paow in your face red. absolutely gorgeous. I need to find another color like these old ones, So I actually can start using the colors more, I don't dare to use these more than the small amount of time I have them on for looks, sincde they're pretty old (got them when I was 15) Oh well..


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