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DMC Day 05 - Neutral Lips

Publicerad 2014-12-05 15:24:00 i 30 day challenge, My Collection,

A light, soft (?) lipgloss that is sticky, but at the same time not? It has small glitterparticles in it and looks gorgeous on it's own, or ontop of another color.
Urban Decay Lipjunkie Naked (they don't seem to carry this anymore?)
A thick minty lilgloss that is super comfortable to wear on the lips. I really enjoy tjis color and usually wear it over Viva la divas Madonna lipstick. I can't seem to find this anywhere at the moment. And I hope that UD hasn't decided to get rid of these. Because I really enjoyed the formula on them!
Viva la Diva Lipstick Cream 69 kr
A really light lipstick, Reminds me on the viva glam Gaga 2 that was available a couple of years ago. Really pigmented and buttery, but since it is that pigmented and buttery it has a tendnecy to sliparound on the lips, especially if you have a more pigmented lip.
(sorry for the dandruff) This is one of my favorite lipsticks, and I wear it almost all the time I do something. Mostly because this is THE perfect My lips but better color, Although in some light it looks more pink etc. It's soft, conditioning and just ahhh<3 haha. I will definetly try out more from this range :)
A light brownish pink color. Soft and smooth and goes on with no trouble at all. it is a tad to soft though, as my lipstick as broken from the base without me even pushing that hard.
A soft beige color, goes smoothly on to the lips, And actually stays on there for a while. this is my usual go to color when I'm not using the Euphidra one.
MakeupGeek Lipstick Refined  (discontinued)
This is more of a orangey "Nude" I know it whows up more orange than nude on these pictures, but it is actually a lot lighter than it looks. Great formula, Not really my go to, so it tends to sit in a drawer til I remember that I have this..
MakeupGeek Lipstick Charming (discontinued)
Reminds me alot of the Modelco Dusk one, But just a bit darker. Same quality as the MUG Refined one. Just a great color that I tend to forget about.
MakeupGeek Lipstick Lovely (discontinued)
This was my favorite untill the Lush and Euphidra came along! it's super soft, buttery and pigmented (although here my lips are giving up a bit after all the swatching) just a beautiful shade, shows up a tad darker on pictures that irl though. I'm quite sad that MUG decided to discontinue their lipsticks, because I really like this shade.


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