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Nordic Cap Starnails NP24 + Gina Tricot Beautynails #86 Space Queen

Publicerad 2015-05-25 06:26:44 i Nails,

What do you think about my makeshift Computerscreen/old magazine/ backdrop? Neat huh?
Nordic Cap NP24 is like a plain asphalt grey, It's a medium grey, if it makes sense?
It's really thin and needs a couple of coats to becom opaque on the nails, but it still dries decently quick, unless you're like me and have no patiencde what so ever..
It's a good polish for the price of $1 here in Sweden
Gina Tricot Beauty Nails in #86 Spacequeen is a holografic glitter topcoat. The consistency is goot, and you get a good amount og glitter on in one coat. It dries a bit slower, as I've noticed Gina tricots glitter topcoats tend to do, but if you do a coat of Seche Vite or Poshé (which I recoment to do to get out the full sparklefest out if this one) it's no problem at all. I've seen this type of topcoat everywhere, So I think that you can find it by other brands, since I don't think Gina Tricot carry this anymore..
it was 39 Sek


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