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30DPC Day 6 ; Obsession

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I love, love, LOVE horror movies. I love them so much to the point I fall asleep to them and it doesn't affect me at all. And it's mostly the only types of movies I ever watch. There are ofcourse a few action/comedy/romantic/dramas I do like, But nothing beats a good horror movie in my opinion.
And one of my favorite genres is old school Slaher movies, I'm talking Halloween, Nightmare on Elmstreet, Hellraiser, Friday the 13th (even though it's just a fanfick of Halloween), Chainsaw massacre etc.
So I drew my inspiration from those movies to these pictures and made my husband stand model as a knife wielding killer infront of our car. And I love how the pictures turned out!
He even came up with using his vape to create the smoke effect on some of these photos. And that made me really want to buy those small smoke pellets that you can get cheap and use in photos to give that smokey effect. You'll never know when you need them haha!
Well, I do hope you liked this and don't forget to check out my Makeup Challenge and while you at it; check out my instagrams aswell (Trickmetolife , Gnorgas)


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