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DMC Day 5: Glitter Eyeliner

Publicerad 2017-12-05 22:18:38 i 30 day challenge, FOTD - Glitter,

 In todays challenge I opted for just an eyeliner ans some red lips.
just simple,nice and quick.
And i*m so sad that I can't catch this glitter eyeliner properly, because IT'S SO BECAUTIFUL! it's a copper/orange glitter that shifts into green. and it's just magical! H&M have some in other colors well that looks just as pretty, and I'd love to have one in every color. They're PACKED with glitter too! and yea, I put the glitter over a black liner, so you can see how much it covers aswell :)
Don't forget to check out my photo challenge while you're here :)
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle concealer cream
Popfeel HD Incisible Cover concealer FB01
Beauty UK Compact face powder  no.1
ELF Contouring blush & brozing powder palette
Lime crime eyeshadow Spellbound
Too Faced shadow insurance
ELF Contouring blush & brozing powder palette
Lime Crime eyeshadow Spellbound
Isadora Glossy eyelienr 340 Glossy Black
H&M Glitterati mascara liner Liftoff
Maybelline Big eyes Mascara
Lashes from ebay + Duo Brush on adhesive
H&M eyebrowpencil Brown
Sigma beautiful brows browpoder Scarlet
MakeupGeek Lipstick Foxy
Lime Crime eyeshadow Spellbound


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